As an example to show that we are accessible with our pricing and offer great value for money, please see below some of the example prices we are able to offer.

Website - A simple website can be provided including hosting for the year and low cost maintenance.

Using your own information, images and wording, the site will be made to show the world what you want to.

Database - A basic database is a rare animal, but in some cases this is possible for a low amount.

An example could be a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database, holding all of your customers' information, addresses and display when contact is needed.

Reports - A simple report can be created for you for as little as an hours work.

We create our reports mainly from a data dump provided by you and spec the report to be easily updatable by yourselves or we are able to be contracted to produce regular updates.

IT Equipment - This is an area which can serve to be costly, but we are able to install server facilities from as low as £2000.

This will include full installation, server, software, links to multiple PC's, router configuration and labour.

So remember,

We have expertise in:

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Power Point
SQL & Visual Studio


So if you have a need, we may be able to help.

The databases we deliver provide an easy to use front-end interface for all users, simple navigation and bespoke to your needs. We create the systems with expansion in mind and understand that business needs change regularly and can expand infinitely.
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We are happy to accept all contact and discuss requirements or offer impartial advice for your needs. We are able to supply quotes for work required free of charge and can help with intermediating.
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