Small Business Services
Running a small business can raise difficult decisions and many questions. We are able to ease some of these issues by providing some of the services which may help you on your way;


We can advise on website requirements, design, and obtain a web name and host the website for you using third party servers.

IT Equipment

We are able to provide an independent service recommending hardware and software to run your business. We also have access to professional and well experienced consultants to provide information and installation services. We are able to source, supply and fit projectors at competitive prices but we provide all of the information beforehand so that you make the final choice.

Network Systems

Our independent consultants have the knowledge, experience and ability to install a full computer network in your business, so that you can work from desktops located in your offices, to working from laptops with a wireless connection.

Bespoke Software

We can create a database, designed specifically with your requirements. They can be used for storing data such as customer details, to full invoicing and stock flow systems. We can create reporting databases or spreadsheets to show how well your business is doing, or even display an area you may need to focus on.

If you would like any of these products or services, please feel free to contact us.

To see which other companies we have helped, please see our clients page

About Us
Plenitech are committed to a few simple rules:
Everything we do.....
Is simple and to the point
Satisfies the needs and expectations
Is affordable and good value
Makes your life easier and adds value to your business
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We are happy to accept all contact and discuss requirements or offer impartial advice for your needs. We are able to supply quotes for work required free of charge and can help with intermediating.
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