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Everything we do.....

Is simple and to the point
Satisfies the needs and expectations
Is done honestly and professionally
Is affordable and good value
Makes your life easier and adds value to your business

We specialise in helping small companies with their IT needs.

We are a small company ourselves with no links to suppliers, so have an independent opinion of the market.

We have expertise in:

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Power Point
SQL & Visual Studio


So if you have a need, we may be able to help.

The people at Plenitech have worked with and for a range of companies, including two of the largest German vehicle manufacturers, one of the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, printers, retail outlets, service provider companies and consultancy firms. This gives us a knowledge of requirements, expectations and above all, the ability to understand what the customer wants.

We are able to assist with the design and build of databases, spreadsheets, presentations and a wide variety of IT issues. We are able to source IT products and be independent as to the recommendations. We specialise in smaller companies currently as our services can then be specifically tailored towards them and their future.

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The databases we deliver provide an easy to use front-end interface for all users, simple navigation and bespoke to your needs. We create the systems with expansion in mind and understand that business needs change regularly and can expand infinitely.
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We are happy to accept all contact and discuss requirements or offer impartial advice for your needs. We are able to supply quotes for work required free of charge and can help with intermediating.
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