Spreadsheets & Reports
We can build Excel Spreadsheets to specification for many uses such as;

Sales / Target Reporting
Graphical Representations
Calculating Bonuses where the formulas need to be altered easily
Management Facilities
Sales Forecasting
Business Analysis

The spreadsheets provided are created so they are easy to use, need minimal intervention and bespoke to your needs.

Spreadsheets are created with the user in mind and the infinite amount of alterations which are possible


About Us
Plenitech are committed to a few simple rules:
Everything we do.....
Is simple and to the point
Satisfies the needs and expectations
Is affordable and good value
Makes your life easier and adds value to your business
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We are happy to accept contact and discuss requirements or offer impartial advice for your needs. We are able to supply quotes for work required free of charge and can help with intermediating.
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